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Clear Pictoys Set 5


If you have ever spent hours preparing pictures or games with alternative verbs, subjects and objects to ensure that the child is understanding or using some three element sentences then read on. If you find carrying bags of toys and equipment around exhausting and using pictures a touch boring then keep reading. Pictoys, a cross between pictures and toys, are portable, attractive and give children something to do as well as to look at. Pictoys set five, which I tried out with a number of children, consists of six A4 size verb pictures that do not have a head (the subject) or the object of the action. Instead there are two Velcro pads and a choice of three faces, (girl, boy, teddy) and 12 objects to stick to the pads. Thus you can create a picture of a girl, boy or teddy washing or brushing a rabbit or dog. If your client is inclined to be argumentative the 36 cue cards illustrating the action put paid to that. The picture must match the cue card!

I was able to use this set with less able children by reducing the choices and using just one subject or one action. The verbs covered are, washing, brushing, painting, eating, drinking and jumping. The Pictoys worked very well with a client of mine who could not think of an instruction on his own so any activity requiring him to tell me what to do was doomed to failure. The Pictoys cue cards gave him the idea and he soon began to build sentences to convey the information needed. This appeared to improve his confidence and his instructions to me in small doll play also improved. He also began to ask to play the 'sticking game' so it became a reward as well as a therapeutic tool.
The Pack includes instructions and lotto game for home practice and comes in strong plastic envelopes...if you travel to see various clients in their homes or nurseries then these portable and attractive materials would be a useful tool in your armoury.

Jenny Jackson Independent Speech & Language Therapist Oxfordshire.