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CLEAR Phonology Screening Assessment


The CLEAR Phonology Screen Assessment comprehensively covers all the phonemes of English in all relevant syllable positions. Each phoneme has its own page which gives easy flexibility to the tester to target specific sounds if a child's attention is wandering or to challenge their informal observations quickly or indeed take a speedy review at the end of a regular session. The drawings are clear, enthusiastic & colourful. None of the children who tried out this assessment had any difficulty knowing the target word. Their ages ranged from 3 to 9 years.

The CLEAR Screen comes with two record sheets separating the single phonemes from the two phoneme cluster combinations. As with any assessment there is a need to use it and so gain familiarity with the profile format - it didn't take too long for me. Although I am reluctant & rarely give an age equivalence when assessing a child's sound system, I am aware that some do and that some parents specifically ask for an age equivalence. The CLEAR Screen provides this in broad age bands and although not a precise scale, it does give a gauge for those instances when required; it might also provide guidance for intervention where it is not clear which sounds to work on to have the greatest impact.

All in all I enjoyed using the CLEAR Screen... I welcome it ... it does do everything that it claims to do - it provides a quick and easy way to gain a comparative baseline profile of a child's sound system with the flexibility to target specific sounds by using only specific parts.

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Rebecca Matthews Independent Speech & Language Therapist Reading, Berkshire.