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Phonology Screening Assessment


PH 01 - £50.00*

In the CLEAR Phonology Screening Assessment, each phoneme is tested individually in word initial, medial and final positions. A wide range of initial clusters are also tested. A photocopiable record form is provided at the end of the assessment. The form design means that where target phonemes are produced correctly, ticks can be added in the corresponding box. Where substitutions are made, these can be transcribed. Where more information is needed, the full word can be transcribed in each box. The phonemes are arranged on the form to reflect a general developmental order of acquisition.

  • A complete phonology screen that's easy to use
  • Simple tick box format
  • Space provided for additional transcriptions
  • 24 consonant sounds individually tested in initial, medial and final word positions
  • 22 initial consonant clusters also tested
  • Two page photocopiable assessment form
  • 82 individual, highly attractive illustrations
  • 42 printed pages in a wire bound A5 format
  • High quality, durable laminated pages
  • Value for mone



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